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Blackjack Games

Many gambling game lovers want to know the rules of the original blackjack game. Those rules determine the way the game is played, the value of the cards, and how to win. Blackjack is one of the games that have global fame. This game is played online and offline. The game got the name “The 21st Game, because winning in it depends on the number 21, so the more cards the player has to approach 21, the higher the chance of winning the round.

Explanation of blackjack game

Learn a full explanation of the steps according to the rules of the original game

  • Getting started: The game begins with rearranging cards. You can use it on a regular 52-card deck with the removal of the joker, and you can also use six-deck by using 312 cards, and this is the most popular method.
  • Place the bet: Each player places his own bet for the round, but before he receives his cards in the round.
  • Distribute cards: The dealer takes over this task, as he distributes two cards to each player. The player may request an additional card. If the value exceeds the number 21, the player loses, after which the dealer plays instead of him and passes the turn.
  • Profit: The player who gets the highest value wins in each round, according to the classification of the cards that he obtained by the dealer, but the value must not exceed the number 21, the only player with cards that approaches the number 21 is a winner.

Game Rules

the most important rules of blackjack:

  • Bets are placed before the cards are received by the dealer.
  • In blackjack, a player must receive more valuable cards from the “dealer” to win.
  • The value of a player’s cards must not exceed 21, and if the cards exceed that value, he loses
  • The dealer distributes cards clockwise and cannot consider the cards that he dealt with or switch between the players.
  • Aces may be scored 1 or 11, the number cards take their written value, and royal cards score 10 just like the tens.
  • Players can stand, hit, split, or double. On a split, the player can split a pair, usually a pair of 10 points. While double is doubling your bet and receive one card more, you may split the cards and play 2 hands.
  • You may take out “insurance” if the dealer has an ace, and this is an extra side bet.
  • The best hand you can get is “blackjack” which comes in an Ace and a 10-point card.

The rules may vary from one version to another. For example, sometimes you can not double down after splitting cards, or you may get only one card when you split aces. In some versions of the game, you may surrender, in which case you lose half your bet.

Blackjack Variants

The game has different variants to choose from. If you are a new player, then you better start your Blackjack journey with a single-hand Blackjack Pro (Monte Carlo). The game pays 3:2 just like the classic game. The dealer draws to 16 and stands on all 17.

Another interesting version is Spanish 21. This blackjack version uses eight decks (with the 10s removed) of Spanish cards. Depside the fact that 10s are removed, the game allows players to split 3 times per hand. Which rules make the game interesting for blackjack players.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is worth trying as well. The dealer has to hit on a soft 17 (Aces are counted as 11). This version allows players to split 2 cards with the same value.

There are many versions you can play. Besides the variants we just mentioned, you can also try Multi-Hand Blackjack Bonus, Vegas Strip, and Classic Gold Live.

Mobile Version

Just like any other game, Blackjack is available on smartphones. Software developers spent a lot of time and effort optimizing the game to run smoothly on portable devices. All the amazing graphics and designs you used to see in real casinos or even on your desktop web browser are now on the phone, if not even better.

So, if you enjoy playing blackjack check out the live version for mobile devices. All that you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. Keep the fun always on the move wherever you go with games like the Single Deck Touch game and Monte Carlo Blackjack Pro.

Live Blackjack

Many software developers now offer the most exciting experience we enjoy in land-based casinos online. With real-time streams from studios and well-trained dealers, you can enjoy playing virtual blackjack anywhere.

You can also communicate with the dealer and other players in the game. The whole thing brings the real casino atmosphere to you no matter such device you use. All you have to do is to download the game on your device, place your bet, and enjoy your live gambling wherever you want.

Practice Makes Perfect

The key to master anything is practice. Before you start gambling or playing for real money, you may play a free version for practice. Unfortunately, demo versions (free versions) are not available on live casinos, which kind of makes sense. Learn some strategies and practice them several times before hitting the real casino. That is how the Pro players lower the losing chances.

Now that you know everything about the game, you are ready to play the charming blackjack. Gamble wisely and aim for 21.

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