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The first noticeable activity of online gambling games was in the late 1990s, in 1990s. But then this idea did not find wide resonance, especially in light of the weak capabilities of animation at this time. However, over time, as the animation and music accompanying the online videos improved, players began to feel the sophistication and credibility of these games. This was not enough for many to leave the atmosphere of traditional games in traditional casinos and head to the gambling sites.

Then came the big step, the step in which online casino sites began to come up with the idea of ​​offering welcome bonuses to attract players. Initially, these bonuses were awarded to any player who registered on the online casino site. Indeed, this idea succeeded in attracting a large number of players to online gambling sites. But after a while, some players started to take advantage of these bonuses badly. Gambling sites had to change their policy somewhat to ensure that players would not in any way tamper with these bonuses.

Games Available At Online Casino Sites

In a guide for beginners in the world of online casinos, we will provide you with some important and basic information about casino games available online. The games on online gambling sites are divided into three main sections:

The first section: Table games This section includes a large group of famous games that we all love, the game of Roulette in its different versions, such as American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. The famous game of poker with its versions such as Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Holdem. And famous blackjack games such as Chinese and American blackjack. Baccarat and some other popular games. Usually, the name of traditional games is given to these games, as most of these games have their origins in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The second section: slots games and video slots. This section contains a large collection of games. Slots games are one of the most popular online casino games. These games are often called slot machine games. These games are usually divided into traditional slots games, which are popular among professional and novice players alike. The second type that we will introduce in a guide for beginners in the world of online casinos is video slot games. It is the natural development that traditional slot games have experienced, as online gambling sites have begun to develop video slot games. These games are more advanced, of course, and are managed completely automatically by advanced software. Slots also witnessed the third wave of technological development, after which 3D slots were developed. Finally, jackpot slots have been developed, and they are games in which players can win exceptional rewards that can reach millions of US dollars!

Section Three: Live Games. This section is the final step for acquiring traditional casino players! Online casinos have decided to offer betting services for popular table games such as online poker, blackjack, and roulette games, but instead of offering them through software, they will be offered through live dealers who communicate with players moment by moment and place their orders on the tables! Thus, the player feels as if he owns his own casino on his own. Of course, this service is offered to subscribers of the VIP club.

What Are The Bonuses You Can Get At The Online Casino?

We mentioned previously that online casino sites tended to offer bonuses in the last century, known then as online casino sign-up bonuses. These bonuses were not significant, usually between $ 20 – $ 50. However, as mentioned earlier in a guide for beginners in the world of online casinos, it has succeeded in attracting different types of players.

But the problem facing the gambling sites at the time was that some players misused these bonuses. They registered on the sites and got the bonus, after which they withdrew the bonus and withdrew from the online casino sites! After that, casino sites have developed a set of systems and strategies that greatly guarantee their rights. Currently, you can find a wide range of bonuses offered by online casino sites:

No Deposit Bonuses: This type is the most similar to those old bonuses that were offered by the online casino sites. This type of bonus only requires the player to register on the online casino site, obtain an account, and fully register the data on the site.

Then the player must add an acceptable payment method. Once these steps are completed, and without the casino withdrawing any money from the player’s account, the casino will give novice players a free bonus. This bonus can be a small amount of money, ranging between 10-30 USD.

The player can use this amount to learn about the various casino types, try out the games they want to play, as well as explore the casino system in general. Of course, this bonus can be a set of free spins that the casino can offer its players to try a specific game.

Welcome Bonuses: These are the most popular online casino bonuses. We mention these bonuses in a guide for beginners in the online casino world because it is often the case that you will be offered this bonus when you want to join the online casino site.

Welcome bonuses are also called deposit bonuses. Players usually get it when they sign up for the online casino site and make a deposit to their account. These bonuses vary greatly from one casino to another, but in general, they represent a percentage of the value of the deposit that a player has deposited into their account through the online casino site. The welcome bonus percentage is usually between 50 – 200% of the player’s deposit.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Online Casino Online?

After we have discussed a large number of sections in a guide for beginners in the world of online casinos, we will now go into the criteria that you should keep in mind when choosing an online gambling site. When choosing an online casino site, you must consider the following:

Site licenses: One of the most essential things is for this site to have all the necessary licenses to offer casino games online. You should know that offering and providing such games over the Internet requires obtaining a specific license. The most popular committees that grant gambling licenses to players are the British Gambling Commission and the Galbatar Gambling Commission. Both licenses are recognized throughout the European Union and the world.

Security rates: A large amount of your personal data is recorded via online gambling sites. In principle, your name, email address, place of residence and date of birth, and most important of all, your bank account number or your credit card number. If this casino is not particularly trusted concerning the security rates it offers to protect customer data.

Withdrawal and deposit options: one of the main points in determining whether or not you join the site. There are three types of withdrawal and deposit methods that you can find on any site. The first type is the traditional type, which is represented by bank transfers. As for the second type, it is debit and credit cards, the most famous of which is, of course, Visa and MasterCard. The third and most flexible type is e-wallets, and this category includes all the popular financial payment services such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. Make sure that the gambling site you choose offers flexible withdrawal and deposit methods, especially in your country of residence, before you sign up for an account.

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